AUDIO is an acoustic instrumental chamber music project led by Srdjan Beronja.



The basic conception of the project AUDIO evolves around the idea that music is an 'audible art'; the art of sound, rather than a 'performing art'; the visual art of movement and light. There is a fine line between playing a musical instrument with the body and performing the body movement. Music is the true path of the heart and mind driven by the molecular vibrations; the energy of sound.

Being more than just an art form, referring to the Sanskrit phrase shastriya sangeeta or scientific music, the influence of music is reflected on physical body, mind, nature, star constellations and basically on all that can be imagined. Everything around us, including us, is formed from music; the vibrations of molecules and atoms. This is the reason why we need music, as in this way we are unifying, merging with that universal vibration; the sound of the Universe. Studies on this subject are featured in the book The Art of the Indian Tabla


The music of AUDIO is based on the ancient rhythm structures, tonal character of musical instruments, contemporary music elements, improvisation, composed music, minimalism and trance. The primary setup involves duets only, very rarely trio or instrumental solo. The project generally abstains from orchestration, as it presents raw and sincere; the very intimate side of music.


Instrumental Setup

The heart of the instrumental setup makes the hand-percussion set. The set is formed from three instruments: frame drum, tabla and darabuka, and it is entitled by the author tri-mukha-tabla or three-mouth-drum or three-faces-drum. Rhythm section is the most important part and together with melody it is the base for the development of the compositions. Various accompanying instruments from different musical backgrounds are used in composing the music and the project strongly emphasizes musical instruments and music, rather than an individual presentation of performers.

With the author’s passion for a double-bass, the idea of AUDIO started as an instrumental trio - duo of hand percussions and a double bass accompanied by a 'guest instrument.' Project afterwards took shape in form of duets; the percussion set and accompanying guest instrument, and it remained the current instrumental setup.


Tri Mukha Classica

'Tri Mukha Classica' represents unique music pieces composed by Srdjan Beronja. The Sanskrit phrase tri mukha, literally meaning three mouths or three faces, stands for the three movements, while the term classica is used to name these unique conceptual compositions in their standard or 'classic' form. The concept evolved from the set of three percussion instruments, forming three gates to create three movements of the composition.

The first part is taken by the frame drum and played in vilambit laya or slow tempo, the second part is taken by the tabla in madhiya laya or medium tempo, and the third part is taken by darabuka in drut laya or fast tempo. The other side of the composition takes a ‘guest instrument’, playing usually in one scale, maquam or raga. This is the very basic conception and setup for making the Tri Mukha Classica compositions, yet various combinations of instruments, scales, tempos, conceptions and other elements are used following the idea of the trinity of three movements.

Tri Mukha Classica compositions are evoking emotional being and are carefully composed to combine certain emotional stimulus. If order of compositions or its movements is changed, it will evoke another palette of emotional states. These studies were thoroughly examined and defined in the Vedic times, and today they are the base for the emotional sentiment of the compositions.

First presentation of Tri Mukha Classica compositions was made on the album Sounds of the East - Music from the Balkans, India and the Middle East by the name Tri Mukha Raga Bhairavi Bansuri


Recording / Producing

Unique way of recording and producing the music is reflected in the image of Shruti Field Studio, the author’s fictional studio, where all the music and sounds are recorded on authentic locations; in the fields, rooms, halls, chambers, temples, homes, on the streets and any other location on the global meadow of sounds. This makes all recordings field recordings, live and not dubbed, minimally edited and produced for the sound quality.

Weather, humidity, noise, animal sounds and various outside factors are influencing the process of recording, musical instruments and playing, as the idea of authenticity is followed.

Simple inexpensive portable equipment is used for the entire process of recordings, editing and final production, in order to support the idea of struggling musicians who are not in a minor number in the world today. 


The mission of the project AUDIO is to draw the attention to the importance of sound in music. If music needs to have a proper place in the times to come, we have to do all to encourage true listening of music, and by these means preserve it in its primary - the sound. That is the main purpose of the project AUDIO.

P.S. As the result of the project AUDIO, Srdjan has not been featured on video, internet stream, or visual presentation of any kind. Thank you for understanding.