SRDJAN BERONJA (percussionist / composer / musicologist / writer / producer / music director) is a rare breed of musicians whose unique approach to music made him distinctive in the world of music art.

Born in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia, Srdjan comes from a struggling working class in a war-torn country, what created an extreme environment for his tempered artistic development. Until his early twenties, he worked with a number of musicians and music groups; including rock, classical, chamber, and traditional folk music. Driven by the passion for oriental music and eastern cultures, he left his homeland after the bombing of Serbia in 1999 and socio-political changes in 2000. 

In 2001, Srdjan moved to India and studied the Indian tabla in the city of Varanasi, followed by the extensive music studies and research through the subcontinent. In the coming years he became a bearer of the diploma in classical Indian tabla, while his book The Art of the Indian Tabla published in 2008 for Rupa & Co Publications (New Delhi, India) came as the result of his studies and field research. The book was recognised for its comprehensiveness, and it was used for lectures in music schools and academic institutions in both India and the West.

From 2001 until 2011, Srdjan lived and worked in the triangle between the Balkans, the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East, in a number of countries including India, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Syria and others. He traveled thousands of miles overland researching music forms, traditional musical instruments and the cultures of these three regions. He extensively performed and collaborated as a composer and music director with musicians from various musical and cultural backgrounds.

In 2011, Srdjan moved to Seattle, USA, where he founded the acoustic experimental chamber music project AUDIO. He composed, recorded and produced unique music pieces, which he signed to the renowned label ARC Music (England, UK.)

In 2014, the first part of his works was published on the CD album The Sounds of Varanasi - a unique sound journey through the holy city. The album became acclaimed for its form and conceptuality.

In 2016, the second part of his works was published on the CD album Sounds of the East - Music from the Balkans, India and the Middle East. The album was top rated on international charts and reviewed by global media.

Srdjan currently lives in Seattle, USA. He engages with musicians around the world, whose dedication to sound and music is sincere.