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"An interesting and intriguing album of live field recordings of music and unique sounds, recorded in the triangle between India, the Balkans and the Middle East. All tracks, from birds’ dawn chorus to classical Indian ragas, a live snake charmer, to Arabian maqams, Turkish rooted music and more, recorded in authentic locations. The album emphasizes music and musical instruments with minimal orchestration and invites the listener to enter into the intimacy of the sound and the heart of the music itself."

- Diz Heller

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Sounds of the East
Music from the Balkans, India and the Middle East

This album presents live field recordings of music and unique sounds, recorded between 2001 and 2016 in the triangle between India, the Balkans and the Middle East. All tracks, music and sounds were recorded in authentic locations - in the fields, the rooms, halls, chambers, temples, in the streets and in various locations of what is called “the third world”. This makes the entire album ‘made from field recordings’. Weather, moisture, noise and various outside factors have influenced the process of recording and performance as the idea of authenticity of everyday life of the musicians was followed. Simple portable equipment was used for all recordings and editing in order to support the idea of struggling musicians, who are not in a minor number in the world today.

Srdjan’s Trans-Eastern Group performs purely on acoustic instruments as duets, solo and occasionally as a trio. The entire repertoire on this album is instrumental music which narrates through the authentic and original compositions, with occasional presentation of a particular tradition or musical heritage.

The album emphasizes music and musical instruments, with an intention to present the modesty of musical expression through minimal orchestration, and by these means to enter into the intimacy of the sound and the heart of the music itself. The Sanskrit phrase manodharma sangeeta or intuition-driven music has been the guiding light of this album, which reflects the warm and passionate Eastern soul and the vast world of its emotions.

- Srdjan Beronja

SRDJAN BERONJA (born 1976 in Novi Sad) is a Serbian percussionist, composer, musicologist and producer. Srdjan was awarded a diploma in classical Indian tabla, while his renowned book, “The Art of the Indian tabla”, published in India, came as a result of his studies and research. Between 2001 and 2011 he lived in the triangle between India, the Balkans and the Middle East, in a number of countries including India, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Syria and others. He travelled thousands of miles overland studying and researching various forms of music, traditional musical instruments and the cultures of these three regions. He collaborated and performed with numerous musicians from various cultural backgrounds, what eventually became the Trans-Eastern Group and Sounds of the East. 

Track List

01. Alapana

(Srdjan Beronja - Field Recording)

02. Raag Jog Dhun

(Pt. Sukhdev Prasad Mishra - violin, Srdjan Beronja - darabuka)

03. Tri Mukha Raga Bhairavi Bansuri

(Dr. Atul Shankar - bansuri,  Srdjan Beronja - daf, tabla, darabuka)

04. Raga Puriya Kalyan

(Pt. Dhruv Nath Mishra - sitar, Srdjan Beronja - tabla)

05. The Cobra  

(Srdjan Beronja - Field Recording)

06. Maqam Nahawand Oud Taqsim

(Marina Tošić - oud)

07. Shed-Araban Saz Semai

(Stefan Sablić - qanun, Srdjan Beronja - darabuka)

08. 7/8 Oud & Tarabuk Time

(Stefan Sablić - oud, Srdjan Beronja - darabuka)

09. Noria of Hama

(Srdjan Beronja - Field Recording)

10. Raga Madhuvanti-Charukeshi

(Pt. Sukhdev Prasad Mishra - violin, Srdjan Beronja - daf)

11. Maqam Bayati Oud Taqsim

(Marina Tošić - oud)

12. Raga Sitar-Daf Kirvani

(Pt. Dhruv Nath Mishra - sitar, Srdjan Beronja - daf)

13. Raga Kirvani

(Pt. Sukhdev Prasad Mishra - violin, Srdjan Beronja - tabla)

14. Visphot

(Srdjan Beronja - Field Recording)

15. Shepherd’s Love Song

(Recorded live in concert; Marina Tošić - pan flute, Srdjan Beronja - tabla)

16. Raga Sitar-Daf Bhairavi

(Pt. Dhruv Nath Mishra - sitar, Srdjan Beronja - daf)

17. SSS Arabesque

(Stefan Sablić - qanun,  Sinan Aćifović - clarinet, Srdjan Beronja - darabuka)

18. Maqam Ajam Qanun Taqsim (Lullaby)

(Stefan Sablić - qanun)


All tracks recorded, arranged and produced from 2001 to 2016

by Srdjan Beronja at Shruti Field Studio

Mixed & engineered by Srdjan Beronja
Mastered by Srdjan Beronja
Final master by Diz Heller
Cover Design: Sarah Ash
All photos courtesy of Srdjan Beronja
Liner notes: Srdjan Beronja
Typesetting / layout: Sarah Ash

Published by ARC Music Productions International Ltd.
© 2016 ARC Music Productions International Ltd.
℗ 2016 Srdjan Beronja exclusivly licensed to
ARC Music Productions International Ltd.

"Deepest thanks to ARC Music for making this story global and to the musicians who made this album magic!"
- Srdjan Beronja

Featured Musicians

Pt. Dhruv Nath Mishra is a master sitarist of the Banaras Gharana. Dhruv is a full time professor, teaching sitar at school and in private sessions.

He gives concerts extensively throughout India and Europe and throughout his career played with highly respected exponents of Indian classical music. Being a professor gives Dhruv a character of a responsible and serious musician, as he performs mainly pure classical Indian music.

However, Dhruv also freely experiments with new approaches and conceptions through his passionate expression on sitar that touches the very ‘atman’ (soul) of the listener.

Pt.Sukhdev Prasad Mishra is an exceptional artist, who holds a triple Masters’ degree and who is one of the most engaged Indian violinists today.

He started his performing career at the age of six. He has since collaborated with the finest Indian musicians and recorded a lot of music for the main Indian radio stations. He featured on many albums and released several albums of his own.

Sukhdev performs in India and Europe where he lectures at Indian violin workshops. Very expressive in performance, he is an experimentalist who constantly explores new techniques on the violin and who has developed his own unique style of playing. For his extensive work, Sukhdev received many Indian music awards and he is one of very few true masters of the Indian violin.

Dr. Atul Shankar is one of the finest exponents of the Indian bansuri flute, holder of a PhD from the Banaras Hindu University.

He learned the bansuri from his father and grandfather, while training vocal style and singing with his mother. In India Atul has received many awards for his work and musical achievements. He constantly tours throughout India, Europe and Asia and collaborates with many musicians performing classical Indian music and various forms of world music. He also spends much time in studios recording with various artists.

Dr. Shankar is a very charismatic and inventive flute player, whose unique experimental approach today creates one of the finest fusion music styles.

Marina Tošić was born in Sarajevo, where she had plenty of opportunity to learn folk songs of the city’s multi-ethnic cultures. She holds an MA from the Art Academy in Krakow, Poland, where she spent her student days. In 1991 she returned to Sarajevo, but at the beginning of the war she fled to Israel, where she studied oud at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and where she currently lives and works.

Marina performed many concerts with various artists and ensembles, performing pure traditional and classical Balkan and Middle Eastern music. She released several albums and featured on several more. Marina’s first instructional book about learning to play the oud was published in the USA and her second book about playing oud and studying maqams was published in Israel.

Besides oud and singing, Marina also plays Serbian flute, panflutes, piano, saz, oriental cello and viola. Marina is also a painter and frequently exhibits her work - a true multimedia artist at her best.

Stefan Sablić is leader, composer and arranger of the ensemble “Shira U’tfila”, who preserve and promote the Sephardic musical heritage of the Balkans, the Mediterranean and North Africa.

As an acclaimed theatre director, Stefan has directed numerous theatrical productions and has participated in various international festivals. He is the cantor of the Belgrade synagogue, founder and president of the Jewish Centre for Culture and Art, and founder of the Ethno Fusion Fest in Belgrade.

Stefan is a singer and also a virtuoso and expressive oud and qanun player - one of the finest artists of Serbia.


Sinan Aćifović - clarinet (Track 17)

From left:

Sinan, Srdjan, Stefan

Top Reviews:

"The music on ‘Sounds Of The East’ is full of vitality and authentic musical grit. Expect to be surprised and delighted and you will not be disappointed, for this album is as much an historical record as a cultural pageant through diverse and contrasting countries."

- Angie Lemon (ARC MUSIC)

"First and general impression after listening of the album was: raw and truthful. True excitement to everyone who likes the music with a certain background, to the one who is cosmopolitan, who appreciates the historical value of this album, where the borders are just mere changeable lines, easily erased with eraser."


"Throughout Beronja - who arranges traditional pieces, contributes original work and plays various percussion instruments like tabla and daf - offers centrestages to performers on violin, bansuri, oud, sitar and so on to build an intricate evocation of music and place, the pieces all being recorded in the city (halls, temples, streets)."


"This is not a consistent album to be played as background music at a cocktail party or curry house, but more akin to a visit to a good art gallery where a broad spectrum of visual artists is on display."



Full title: Sounds of the East - Music from the Balkans, India and the Middle East

Author: Srdjan Beronja

Licensed from Srdjan Beronja 2016

 & 2016 ARC Music Productions Int. Ltd.


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Release date: 24 February 2017


Total playing time: 61:43 min

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