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"Live recordings of classical Indian music and local field recordings of ceremonies, Sanskrit prayer recitals, temple bells and other sounds, telling a unique story about the intimate atmosphere of the holy city of Varanasi (Banaras) in India."

- Diz Heller

ARC Music Production


The Sounds of VARANASI
a unique sound journey through the holy city

This album represents live recordings of music on traditional Indian instruments and local field recordings of ceremonies, praying recitals and other unique sounds of the holy city of Varanasi (Banaras) in India. The character of the city is reflected in the colourful combination of authentic sounds and music: Sanskrit recitals, the sounds of streets and animals, ceremonial bells and drums, composed and improvised music, as well as traditional and classical Indian music. ''The Sounds of Varanasi'' is a unique story about the intimate atmosphere of Varanasi, about the sounds and the music that is born and lives there.


SRDJAN BERONJA (born 1976 in Novi Sad) is a Serbian percussionist, composer and writer. His work includes concerts, composing, field research and writing. Between 2001 and 2011, Srdjan lived and worked in the triangle between the Balkans, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, in a number of countries including India, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Israel and others. He travelled over a hundred thousand miles overland, researching various forms of music, traditional musical instruments and the cultures of these three regions. He collaborated and performed with numerous musicians and groups from various cultural backgrounds, particularly in the city of Varanasi, where he lived for a longer period and studied classical Indian tabla and music. Being his 'home in his heart', with its celestial music and unique colourful sound palette, the holy city of Varanasi and its sounds were an inspiration that eventually became the story presented on this album.

Track List

01. Morning Mantra
 (Srdjan Beronja - Field Recording) 1:25

02. Raga Madhuvanti - Alap & Jor
 (Pt. Dhruv Nath Mishra - Sitar) 4:03

03. Raga Madhuvanti - Gat I
  (Pt. Dhruv Nath Mishra - Sitar, Ravi Tripathi - Tabla) 3:40

04. Raga Madhuvanti - Gat II
 (Pt. Dhruv Nath Mishra - Sitar, Ravi Tripathi - Tabla) 5:59

05. Monkeys & Roti
 (Srdjan Beronja - Field Recording) 0:41

06. Dadra: Raga Mishra Khamaj
 (Pt. Sukhdev Prasad Mishra - Indian Violin, Vikas Tripathi - Tabla) 3:01

07. Bansuri & Tabla
 (Pt. Atul Shankar - Bansuri, Ravi Tripathi - Tabla) 3:18

08. Sita-Ram
 (Srdjan Beronja - Field Recording) 1:07

09. Namaskar Tum Hai Baram Bara
 (Prakash Bimlesh - Vocal & Harmonium, Pt. Kailash Nath Mishra - Tabla) 4:41

10. Wedding Drums
  (Srdjan Beronja - Field Recording) 1:06

11. Pahari Dhun
 (Hari Paudyal - Bansuri, Ravi Tripathi - Tabla)

12. Raga Charukeshi
 (Pt. Sukhdev Prasad Mishra - Indian Violin, Vikas Tripathi - Tabla) 4:48

13. Drut Mantra
 (Srdjan Beronja - Field Recording) 0:58
14. Paayal Ki Jhankaar Baraniya
 (Prakash Bimlesh - Vocal & Harmonium, Srdjan Beronja - Tabla) 4:37

15. Dasaswamedh Ghat Ganga Aarti
 (Srdjan Beronja - Field Recording) 3:56

16. Dagar Chalat Mohri Pakarat Bahiya
 (Prakash Bimlesh - Vocal & Harmonium, Srdjan Beronja - Daf) 4:22

17. Evening Mantra
 (Srdjan Beronja - Field Recording) 1:18

18. Raga Bhairavi
 (Pt. Dhruv Nath Mishra - Sitar, Ravi Tripathi - Tabla) 4:45


All titles recorded live in Varanasi, India 2001 - 2011 by Srdjan Beronja

All titles recorded, arranged and produced by Srdjan Beronja (except titles 2, 3, 4, 7, 11 & 18 recorded live in Mahadev Studio, Varanasi)

Produced by Srdjan Beronja
Musical director: Srdjan Beronja

Engineer and mixer: Srdjan Beronja

Mastered by Srdjan Beronja

Final mastering by Diz Heller

Cover photograph: Tripura Sundari Mandir

Photography: Srdjan Beronja

Artwork: Sarah Ash

Liner notes: Srdjan Beronja / Diz Heller

"Special thanks to Ravi Tripathi for his engagement and involvement in this album."

"Deepest thanks to everyone who helped make this album, and to all dear friends and heart-warming people of Varanasi."


Featured Musicians

Pt. Dhruv Nath Mishra

Hari Paudyal

Srdjan Beronja

Pt. Sukhdev Prasad Mishra

Pt. Kailash Nath Mishra

Dr. Atul Shankar

Vikas Tripathi

Ravi Tripathi