The project AUDIO is an acoustic instrumental chamber music trio led by Srdjan Beronja.


The music of AUDIO is based on the ancient rhythm structures, tonal character of the musical instruments, contemporary elements, improvisation, composed music, minimalism and trance. The main setup is trio, followed by duet and occasionally instrumental solo. The central part is taken by a minimal hand percussion set, which consists of darabuka, Indian tabla and a frame drum, along with double bass as the main support. Together, they form the heart of the sound of AUDIO. The third part involves various musical instruments from different cultural, as well as musical backgrounds.


The basic conception of the project AUDIO evolves around the idea that the music is an 'auditive art' - the art of sound, rather than a 'performing art' - the art of movement and visual impression. There is a fine line between playing a musical instrument with the body and performing the body movement. Music is the true path of mind and heart driven by molecular vibration - the energy of sound. Being more than just an art form (Sanskrit: shastriya sangeeta - scientific music), the influence of music is reflected literally on everything - us, the soul, what surrounds us, nature which feels it, and on what pervades the entire Universe.


If music needs to have a proper place in the time to come, we have to do all to encourage a true listening of music, and by these means to preserve it in its primary - the SOUND. That is the main purpose of the project AUDIO.

Srdjan Beronja